High numbers of Dublin Returnees face immediate homelessness due to government paperwork processing delays between Germany and Italy. Because entry into Italian refugee camps is denied until the paperwork is processed, survivors and children in their care are often left without shelter or a supply of basic necessities. The delays (lasting for weeks in some cases), leave isolated und unsupported survivors vulnerable to re-traffficking, re-traumatisation and other forms of violence.

To address this urgend need, the T-DAN was created. The T-DAN is a network of anti-trafficking counselling centres, equipped and wlling to receive Dublin-Returnees from other EU member states and provide essential immediate support to vulnerable survivors and children in their care.


   See the current network partners here (The network is under continuous development):

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Karlstr. 21, 76133 Karlsruhe
☏  +49 721 82102730 ✉

The Justice Project e.V. supports survivors of human trafficking on their way to an independent and self-determined life. The NGO provides psycho-social counselling, support in the asylum process, support in the criminal proceedings (if desired), and referrals to numerous other support services such as trauma therapy. Besides that, survivors have the opportunity to live in an anonymous house and participate in "Kompass", a preparatory integration program that includes German lessons, literacy, cultural classes, trauma management and creative activities.


SOLWODI Bad Kissingen und Regensburg
Seehof 1, 97688 Bad Kissingen, ☏  +49 971-802759 ✉
Obermünsterstraße 10, 93047 Regensburg, ☏  +49 941-89966547 ✉ 

The SOLWODI help centres Bad Kissingen and Regensburg offer psycho-social support as well as pre-return counselling to West African women. The SOLWODI counsellors bring West African women, who have to return back to Italy under the Dublin Regulation, into contact with the Italian SISA partner NGOs. The SOLWODI counsellors also offer psycho-social support during the Dublin return.


Beheimgasse 1, 1130 Wien
☏  +43 670 601 4565 ✉

Herzwerk (Heart-Works) is a diaconal initiative for people in prostitution and survivors of human trafficking for sexual exploitation. Since 2007 Herzwerk provides streetwork, psycho-social counselling and support regarding asylum and/or legal processes as well as support with challenges in other life areas such as finances, housing, health or relationships. Building and maintaining strong networks is as important to Herzwerk as is involvement in the field of research, policits and prevention.


SURT. Fundació de Dones. Fundació privada
C/ Guàrdia 14 baixos, 08001 Barcelona
☏  +34 933428380 ✉

Surt is a social organisation established in Barcelona working to make the economic, social and cultural rights of women effective and to eradicate gender discrimination and gender-based violence, promote gender equality and the empowerment of women.
The NGO provides training and social and labour counselling to women survivors of sexual and labour exploitation and has strong cooperation with other specialized NGOs supporting SoT across the Spanish territory. Surt also collaborates with the Barcelona Municipal Unit against Human Trafficking who attends survivors of trafficking from a holistic approach. Surt cannot directly receive women SoT returned to Catalonia, and previous referrals are needed. You can contact them for further information on how to proceed in each specific case.


C/ Paloma 21-23, 08001 Barcelona
☏  +34 93 3171614 ✉

Apip-Acam supports individuals and families in situations of need, lack of financial means and/or physical or intellectual dependence. It is also a specialized organization in the comprehensive attention of women victims of trafficking in human beings (which may also be asylum seekers), providing housing, social and legal assistance, as well as occupational training and employability.


Useful phone numbers

☏ +39 800905570 Free information service for applicants for international protection or for asylum seekers

☏ +39 800290290 Antitrafficking toll-free number

APG23 is the coordinator of the Italian part of the T-DAN. If you are not sure which NGO to contact, feel free to contact APG23 and you will be guided in the right direction. 

Via Mameli, 1, 47921 Rimini
☏  +39 3489191006  ✉ 

The Pope John XXIII Community Association (APG23) provides counselling and shelter to victims of human trafficking, among others. APG23 has established the Dublin Return Assistance network and has extensive experience in receiving Dublin returnees. Due to the fact that APG23 has 203 Family Homes in Italy, the organization is divided into 14 zones in Italy, each of them has a reference person in charge and in most cases also a secretariat. Here you can find all the information:


Via Ceva 40, 10144 Turin
☏  +39 3703715111 ✉

IROKO ONLUS may cooperate with legal services and mediation/accompaniment to services in the area of the Metropolitan City of Turin; support in finding a job and support in dealing with administrative and migrationrelated paperwork.


Via Jean Jaurès, 7, 20125 Milano
☏  +39 329 404 0122 ✉

EBANO ONLUS may cooperate in case of emergency reception of asylum seekers or victims of trafficking returning to Milano (Lombardia Region)


Via Dante, 12, 24017 Serina (Bergamo)
☏  +39 0354156699, ☏ + 39 3338929711 ✉

FONDAZIONE GEDAMA ONLUS may cooperate in case of emergency reception of asylum seekers or victims of trafficking returning to Bergamo (Lombardia Region)


Via Cavana 16, 34124 Trieste

FONDAZIONE DIOCESANA CARITAS TRIESTE ONLUS may cooperate in case of emergency reception of asylum seekers or victims of trafficking returning to Friuli Venezia Giulia


La Cooperativa La Vigna 
Via Casoni di Sopra, 13, 36023 Casoni di Sopra VI

La Vigna support the promotion of  the social integration by removing the various physical, psychological, social and cultural causes that limit their growth and participation. They welcome children/youth and young people, in terms of responsibility, leadership and animation, even beyond the socio-welfare sphere, in order to build/rebuild their individual, family and territorial well-being, in the sharing and continuous search for the best possible quality of their interventions.

Via dei Quattro Cantoni 45, 00184 Rome
☏  +39 3391934538 ✉

SLAVES NO MORE is an association against violence towards women and trafficking of human beings for labour and sexual exploitation. It has launched a pilot project for assisted repatriation aimed in particular at Nigerian women. The aim is to encourage the voluntary returns to Nigeria and the socio-occupational reintegration of female victims of trafficking hosted in ltaly. The project is also aimed at assisting female victims of trafficking, expelled from ltalian territories and forcibly repatriated through the ldentification and Expulsion Centres (CtE).


Piazza di San Francesco di Paola, 9, 00184 Rome
☏  +39 064807001 ✉  or

SAVE THE CHILDREN ITALIA is an NGO recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. lt carries out activities and projects aimed at both boys and girls in developing countries and those living in ltaly. Through project "Nuovi Nuclei," female victims of trafficking and their children are offered assistance with the following: emergency support (medicine, bills, rent, etc.); educational and psycho-social support for minors; health and/or psychological support. In addition, support for positive parenting; empowerment processes, consultation, referrals and support with respect to other issues is available in collaboration with local services.


Via Biferno, 4, 00199 Rome
☏  +39 06 64760799 ✉

BE FREE COOPERATIVE AGAINST TRAFFICKING VIOLENCES AND DISCRIMINATION may cooperate in cases of victims of trafficking returning back to Rome. Services include granting access to procedures for asylum seeking.


Via Conforti, 61, 88046 Lamezia Terme (Calabria)
☏ +39 3883663151 ✉

COMUNITA' PROGETTO SUD may collaborate to raise awareness and inform about local social and legal services among asylum seekers or victims of trafficking returning to Calabria.



France Terre Asile
24, rue Marc Seguin, 75018 Paris
Métro Marx Dormoy (ligne12)
Contact Form

France Terre Asile provides housing, counseling, accompaniment and referral services for asylum seekers in France and is networked throughout the country. They have a department specialized in victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation, which offers assistance according to their needs.



Associação para o Planeamento da Família (APF)
Delegação Norte
Travessa das Liceiras, 14/16, 4000-323 Porto
☏  +351 22 208 58 69  ✉   ✉ 

APF is located in Protugal and supports third-county-national victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation and other forms of exploitation. They provide support in the areas of housing, law enforcement, asylum procedures, psychosocial counseling, among others.



Noomi - Hela Människan Malmö
Poststugan 78
211 65 Malmö

Noomi is an organisation that offers support to people who have been exploited in human trafficking for sexual purposes or prostitution in Malmö, Sweden.
Noomi runs a sheltered accommodation as well as outreach work.
Noomi also works with spreading knowledge and information about human trafficking and prostitution, through lectures and participation in various advocacy work.
Noomi's goal is to lift the spiral of exploitation and helplessness that people find themselves in by giving them a belief in their own worth and tools to change their life situation.