The Peer-to-Peer Identification initiative within project SISA aims to develop and implement a training course which will equip formerly identified West African SoTs to identify other third country national victims of trafficking. After training courses are completed, Peers will participate in victim identification initiatives in partnership with trained professionals to identify victims of trafficking inside refugee receiving centres located in Germany.

Through participation in the Peer-to-Peer Identification training course, Peers will be empowered with self-efficacy, self-determination, and self-competence, further encouraging their personal integration and recovery process.

Anticipated outcomes also include a higher rate of purported victims of trafficking receiving information about their rights and getting connected to professional social workers who can assist them in reporting their victimisation within the asylum-seeking process.

In addition, victims of trafficking will be informed of the services provided by local NGOs that specialise in victim-centred care.


 > to Field Report 1 by Magda Kierner and Rawan Shrum, The Justice Project (August 2021)