Considering the unique needs of West African survivors of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, this Dublin-Pre-Return Counselling Manual was created to equip social workers working with anti-trafficking counselling centres:

    • … in Germany to prepare their clients for a forced Dublin return to Italy and to pre-emptively connects them to the social worker of an anti-trafficking counselling NGO in the destination country, namely Italy.
    • … in Germany or Italy to accompany survivors through the return experience, providing psycho-social support throughout the process in real time via phone and text messaging thereby minimising the negative impacts of experiencing forced return.
    • … in Italy to receive returnees once return authorities have completed border crossing and released them.

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  • The following is a documented account of the experience of a client of "The Justice Project" beginning shortly after police apprehended her for the forced Dublin-Return: Case Study #1
  • The client is from Nigeria and already applied for asylum in Spain before she migrated further to Germany. The client was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia: Case Study #2
  • The client’s asylum application was rejected by the administrative court and she now is at risk of sudden deportation back to her home country Nigeria: Case Study #3
  • The client received psychosocial counselling from The Justice Project e.V. (TJP) since the beginning of 2021: Case Study #4
  • The return took place in March 2022. The client received psychosocial counselling from SOLWODI Regensburg since May 2021. She had the residence permit casi speciale in Italy but it was already expired when she entered Germany. She originally comes from Nigeria: Case Study #5